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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Does C & L Shows have insurance?

Answer: Yes! C & L Shows has a 2 million dollar insurance policy that covers our entire operation. We have been with the same class A company for over 20 years!


Question: Does C & L Shows have rides for all age groups?

Answer: Yes! C & L Shows has rides for everyone! We have major rides, kiddie rides, and family rides. Click on pictures above to view them.


Question: Will the owner of C & L Shows be on-site during the event?

Answer: Yes! One of the owners of C & L Shows will be on-site.


Question: Who will provide power to operate C & L Shows?

Answer: We have whisper-quiet generators - Powered by CAT. These generators produce enough electricity to supply our entire operation.


Question: Is there a dress code for C & L Shows?

Answer: Yes! All C & L Shows employees are required to wear a clean uniform daily.


Question: Is this a full-time business for C & L Shows

Answer: Yes! While most other carnivals vacation all winter, C & L Shows repairs and repaints all rides for the upcoming summer.


Question: Can we count on C & L Shows to provide rides and attractions for many years?

Answer: Yes! Many of the fairs and festivals that we currently play have been loyal for over 20 years.

C & L Shows

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